Monday, 10 October 2011

Monday Profile; We catch up with Avril's Designer, Melisa Nyawade

Melisa Nyawade, Owner Fashion by Achie Otigo

Last week we profiled Musician Avril, this week we have a chat with her designer Melisa Nyawade. She is no stranger on this blog, she was our designer of the day when we were profiling collections and house Fashion by Achie Otigo for the second edition of Runway254. Today we get to pick her brain on creating for celebrities and the future.

The inspirational piece
R254: Tell us about the dress Avril wore for the EMAs, what was the inspiration?

Melisa:the EMAS dress was a detailed and slightly different take on a piece I showcased at 254. My inspiration  came from the highways under construction in embakasi (my home area) from which STRUCTURE TEXTURE & VOID stood out. With these in mind I made her dress!

R254: During her interview last week, Avril mentioned that you are her official designer, beside the EMAs dress what other dresses have you done for her?

Melisa: Avril has been my most consistent client, CHAT April 2010, CHAT April 16th 2011 she wore an a tan,off shoulder mini for the red carpet and a kenyan flag themed one (check the june issue cover of salon magazine) on stage,I made her a gothesque look for last years MAMA awards (check the 2nd issue of kasha magazine),she also bought a few of my pieces to rock for her character in shuga, the architecturally chic dress she wore at the EMAS and finally  KISIMA.

Avril at Kisima
R254: How long does it take to make a design

Melisa: .i hardly plan for projects, so whenever i feel inspired to make something, i'll do it there and then

R254: Do you dress other celebrities? 

Melisa: The only other celebrity I have worked with is Janet Kirina:an amazing actress from the series MakutanoJjunction,I made her a red floor grazing, mermaid style evening dress that she wore at Kalasha Awards.Besides these two,am working on "getting my hands on" size 8,marya,wahu,kaz,mercy myra...i freaking love their energy :-D

R254: How do you price your clothes?

My prices range from 3800 and above...the client and i will come to an agreement, it could take from a day to two weeks to complete a design depending on how simple or complicated.
Janet Kirina at Kalasha

R254: What are you working on now?

At the moment am excited about the Fashion tribute shoot; I've got some cool ideas that i can't wait to "birth"

Melisa and her fashion house, Fashion by Achie Otigo are definitely going places and since she is Team Runway254, we will be giving you all the juice. Tomorrow I let you in on the Fashion Tribute shoot she mentioned, happening at Karura Forest. Connect with her on twitter @achieotigo using the #mondayprofile tag. 

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