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Monday Profile; Musician Avril talks fashion and beauty

Avril aka Miss B'Have (Pic c/o MTV Shuga)

Happy Monday lovely people, hope you are up and about, making the world as better place with all you got and rocking it all the way. We recently caught up with Musician Avril who graced our last runway event and discussed her experience at the show, her EaMAs dress off that show, her role and wardrobe on Shuga 2;Love, Sex and Money and got some beauty and fashion tips. (Catch an exclusive interview with her designer, Achie Otigo, an upcoming designer under the Runway254 banner next week)

Avril at the last Runway254
R254: We would like to thank you for gracing the second edition of Runway254 runway event, how was your experience at the show?
Avril: It was lovely. I was just astounded by the design and experimentation with fabric and jewellery by such young designers. It was really inspiring.

R254: We know you were at the event to support your designer but also love the fact that you found the rest of the work on display inspiring…tell us a little about your designer
Avril: I studied with my designer Achie Otigo at the University of Nairobi's School of Art and Design so I could say we go way back. She had wanted to start styling me when I had just ventured into music but I was afraid that I didn’t have that much money to pay for the outfits she was proposing to make for me (be)cause we were still in school trying to make it. Eventually I just took a risk and asked her to make me something. She has dressed me for everything I can think of from Chaguo la Teeniez 2010 and 2011, to the Channel O Music Video Awards, to the EaMAs, to Kisima Awards 2011, Tusker All Stars Concert 2011 and many other events.

Channel O Music Awards (Pic c/o Hotsecretz)
R254: After Runway254, you were at the EaMAs looking divine in a pair of shoes we cannot get over and an amazing one shoulder dress that looked like what we had seen on the runway…which came first, the runway designs or your design?

Avril: The runaway design came first. I loved the one shoulder detail so much I just had to have it. Since Achie Otigo was behind it, it was really easy for her to visualize how it would suit me. I'm really into experimenting with what I wear so she tweaked the design to give it a futuristic look that worked so well.

Model Inez of Runway254 in the inspiration design
R254: It is really amazing that you are a Kenyan supporting Kenyan designers, coming through to the show, seeing something and having it customized…feels like you are Runway254 family already, from what you saw at the show and what you see around the country, what are your thoughts about the Kenyan Fashion industry and current (and upcoming) trends?

Avril: Thank you so much. I think it is about time that we embrace our designers (be)cause they have so much to offer. What I saw at the runaway 254 event clearly confirmed this to me. I am loving what people are doing with Khanga materials that have nice prints on them. From khanga harem pants to khanga boyfriend jackets to clutch bags that just rock. I think eco-design inspired accessories are really going to be a hit. I met a Kenyan lady called Manciny who makes amazingly fabulous woven handbags and clutch bags from plastic paper bags. Very inspiring. Earrings from the hard outer skeleton of a coconut; it's just amazing.

The EaMAs dress (Pic c/o Vibeweekly)

R254: Rumor has it you are part of the cast of Shuga2; Love, Sex and Money, is it true and if yes, what part are you playing?

Avril: Yes I am! I'm playing Miss B'Have (pronounced as misbehave). Very exciting.

R254: Glad you are loving being Miss B’Have, looking forward to the movie and with a character name like that, we bet you have a wardrobe to die for…sneak peak

Avril: The wardrobe is really nice. The colour, the patterns, the designs and just the basic styling is really on point. The detailing by the producers and directors on every small thing is very refreshing. 

R254: Your hair, we have to admit we totally dig the blonde fringe, and have a hard time thinking of Avril without one…are there days you do not spot?
Avril: Actually I have two looks that you may have noticed: my Kangol look and the blonde look. The beauty of my hair is that it behaves so well. I have natural hair that just needs shampoo, treatment, and straightening by using a blow out. I do the occasion color to my roots when the colour on my fringe is growing out. Problem with plaiting my hair is that the plaits/braids dont last so i dont like doing it. But i weave once a while when my hair needs a break from all the heat to straighten it after a wash.

The Kangol look (Pic c/o Ladybrille Mag)
R254: Let’s get a little personal…take through a day in the life of Avril
Avril: Ummm..I wake up at about half (past) seven on a normal day brush my teeth and rush to watch my cartoons. Then I have a banana or two and take some water. After that I hit the shower and have a nice wash, cleanse my face and do some light makeup by Maybelline if needed and dress up. I check my email, twitter, facebook right after that and finish up with any design work I may have pending for a client and probably also get down to writing a song. After that it's time for breakfast, an egg, a slice of toast, some slices of tomatoes, avocado and some tea; that is my usual breakfast meal. I hit the studio right after that on specific days of the week and stay there till I am done! Unless I have errands to run, I just head on home and make supper for my brother and myself and eat (yes I can cook very well). The last thing I do is cleanse my face, brush my hair, moisturize and go to sleep.

Chaguo la Teeniez(Pic c/o Hotsecretz)
R254: Sounds really easy but I have my doubts...let us talk fashion…any tips you would like to share?
Avril: Wear something that works for you and do not be ashamed to flaunt it. Decent dressing does not have to mean unfashionable dressing. Another thing,embrace colour you'll be shocked by how that peach, orange or yellow shirt just works.

R254: We have talked too much fashion back to music, any new dishes in the kitchen and when is the album coming out?
Avril: Wow we are not close to an album but I should be releasing new content soon. With all that has been happening in my career I had to slow down just a bit and do an analysis of what Avril has become. So watch this space.
R254: Now that you are family, you know we have your back all the way. Bonus question time and this comes from my bestfriend who asked if you cook and if you do, what is your favorite thing to cook,eggs do not count as food?
Avril: Lol..I cook very well..Pilau would probably be the best dish I cook and I love cooking it.

Avril is surely a beautiful Kenyan musician exploring all her creative juices and supporting others as she goes along, if you have more questions for her with regards to fashion and beauty, connect with her on twitter @avrilogopa using the #mondayprofile tag. 

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Remember the world is your runway…rock it (:

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