Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday Profile; Model Sharyn Odipo (Odips) talks about the birth of her career and titles it came with

Before you shoot me I know today is Tuesday but I have a debt and as promised I am paying my Monday Profile dues. This week I am feeling models who I have worked with on the runway event, so today I profile 23 year old Sharyn Adhiambo Odipo (Odips) who shares something with yestersday’s model, they are both plus size models and rock the runway anyway…power to mamas with booty.

R254: Rumor has it you won all possible titles at Kenya Utalii College, true or false?
Odips: I started modeling when in college, Kenya Utalii College  where I studied Front Office operations, in 2008. When in school I was able to contest for beauty pageants and was able to win three titles Miss Kenya Utalii College,Miss Hospitality and was crowned Miss Colleges too, all this thanks to my beautiful smile and my confidence on stage too not to forget my very nice catwalk.
R254: Got to love a woman with confidence…so after winning all the possible titles, what are you on to now?
Odips: I currently at the Aga khan University Hospital as the Customer Service Agent. I (still) love modeling though i do it as a part time career.

R254: Fill us in on the part time gigs have you been part of after school?
Odips: I am currently a runway model plus size to be precise i do high fashion  and photography too. I have been able to do several fashion shows like the fashion show that was aired on Citizen TV late last year, I have done the African fashion fair 2009 among other fashion shows.

Odips at the First Runway254
R254: We know of people who love the camera, others who love the attention, high shoes, getting dolled up, what is your story?
Odips: My sister Faustine Odipo is the one that ventured me into modeling she always wanted to be a model but was not confident she therefore encouraged me to do it as she believed that I was very confident than her.I have always gotten support from my parents as they are very proud of me whenever they see me on TV and magazines too.my friends and family have been of great impact on me too.
R254: Your experience and view on our platform.
Odips: I had the privilege to do the Runway 254 first  and second edition, having to work with upcoming designers who have been given a very good platform to do their work thanks to you Sitawa!!kudos.(I blush) Runway 254 has not only given platform for upcoming designers but also upcoming models too the opportunity to do their thing. Personally I support it very much and believe that it is going to take the fashion industry to greater levels .

R254: Parting shot
Odips: Thank you runway 254 thank you Sitawa for making young and upcoming models and designers fulfill their dream!!

Tissues moments right there, thank you too Odips for gracing our show and look forward to working with you in the future. If you have more questions for her with regards to fashion and beauty, use the #mondayprofile tag on twitter and we will definitely get her answering them.

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Remember the world is your runway…rock it (:


  1. Great to see a plus size model doing well in the industry :) :)

  2. Thats my girl......Go Sharyn you gonna make it big in this industry...

  3. wish her all the best for the future... now can we talk about that pink and blue dress?! TO DIE!!!