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Monday Profile; Model Essar Yagomba talks about family support and what her mama in heaven would say

Totally love her shoes
I will be making up for last week's profile after my class which I am late for but can't attend until this post and a second are up...that's how much I love you (: This morning I feature one of Runway254's best models, Essar Yagomba, the first day I met her and she told me her name is Essar, I went Essar like Yu powered by Essar...ha ha ok I know, comedy is meant for a chosen few who dont include me...enjoy the profile.

R254: Hi Essar, it took me a while to accept that your name is Essar, so tell us a little about you
Essar:My name is Essar Yagomba... I am a model and a modeling director for a company called Jivinjari where my main job is to organize fashion events and photo shoots.

R254: Why modeling?
Essar: Many people ask me why I can’t even get a job as a secretary or something... but my answer is always the same, I am not meant to be an office girl like most people. I wasn’t born to be ordinary and live a normal life... I was born to shine... :)

R254: …and you are shining hun…what is your family’s take on you being a model?
Essar: I am so lucky to have the support of my family because thev always have my back... they never miss a fashion show... and the best feeling is too walk out on stage and see a familiar face smiling back at you as you strut it. My fondest memory is whenIi was a child and we’d go for holidays in Mombasa and my mom would always sign me up for fashion shows, at some point i hated it but now i look back and smile coz i know she is in heaven right now smilling and saying i knew it.

Model Essar rocking Ka'an by Tawi at Runway254 edition 2
R254: Wow!!!I love your family already, make sure they holla at the next Runway254 runway event…now let’s move to your body,you have this amazing African curves and booty to go with…does that hinder you from getting jobs?
Essar: Modelling is always fun though it has its ups and downs but nothing will ever stop me from reaching my goals... what i love about my self is that am not the typical skiny minie model but alot of people love to see me walk... I have not done that many shows but l am slowly get there... 

R254: Tell us about the shows you have done so far.
Essar: My first show was the Kanga fashion show at the Nairobi Gallery and most recent was the Runway254 sponsored show SAFE which was one of my best shows because i got to be  the star model for 4 out of 5 designers...  

R254: Something random about Essar…
Essar: I love art and animation and I am planning on studying animation soon and I have a tongue ring

Essar does go on to tell you as long as you dream it, you will be it, if you have more questions for her with regards to fashion and beauty, use the #mondayprofile tag on twitter and we will definitely get her answering them.

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Remember the world is your runway…rock it (:

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