Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Meet Chrysula Njoki, the petite sized model who doubles up as a shrink at Mathari Hospital

I have to admit I have a slight weakness for this one, I have narrowed it down to two things, her body, whenever I see her, I feel like I can fold her and put her in my bag away from any harm and two, because she works at Mathari Hospital. Quick fact, Mathari is a hospital where persons with mental illnesses among other illnesses are referred, I wear the cap of Mental Health ambassador and this my other forte, hope you did the math. PS: Yep we do all sizes at Runway254, read an earlier post of things I think models should have.

R254: What is modeling to you?
Chrysula: I started modeling after high school, I love modeling, it’s a way of expressing myself and every time I do a shoot or hit the runway I intend on making a statement.
R254: There are different faces of modeling, which one do you wear best?
Chrysula: I am an all-round model, I do print(photography),runway and advert but I love print because I believe that’s my strongest part, am on this month’s fashion spread of Drum Magazine, it was a shoot in the wild and it rained on set but I just loved the whole experience it was my best shoot to date. My best runway show was of course runway254(and I am not saying that because you are interviewing me)seriously I had too much fun, the thrill of being on the runway in designer’s clothes, I remember strutting it and kinda posing for too long at the end of the runway and the audience applauding, and the fact that my family was there, the whole experience was priceless.
 R254: You know you are the third model to mention your family comes for the show which is really amazing to see that families are supporting their girls in this industry…tell us more about your experience on our platform
Chrysula: I love the whole idea of runway254,it’s one of a kind and I think Sitawa you are a genius(let us all pause and rewind, keep your finger there, pause and rewind, pause and rewind ok move on) for founding the event because it is not only a platform for designers but for models too as it gives us a chance to show off our skills on the runway and that way a designer or an event organiser may get to book us for another job.
 R254: Truly humbled by your sentiments…we did features on plus sized models and they shared the role of confidence in their work, you are petite size, is that an add on or not?
Chrysula:.Modeling in Kenya can be a tad bit difficult especially if you don’t have typical model features, I have being told too many times that am a little short to hit the runway,so  am not the tallest girl out there but neither am I the shortest and that will never stop me from doing what I love most, I believe I am tall enough and I can walk tall and pose tall, My advice to all those who want to model is that,there is always gonna be rejection and criticism around but all you have to do is look past it and become what God intends you to be,i.e THE VERY BESTJ.
R254: In an earlier post I did for models I talked about attitude and you have loads of that, the right type of course, so when you are not doing the runway or posing, what would we catch you doing?
Chrysula: Other than modeling, I am majoring in psychology at the University of Nairobi, I love psychology, its too interesting,I just finished my 3month internship at Mathari hospital,every one is always so shocked when I tell them am a shrink at Mathari,no one believes me as I am too soft spoken and reserved,”may be I have multi personalities” It’s a hectic job but a learning experience too. Its not so hard juggling school and modeling as am taking evening classes.My mum and siblings fully support me,they know I love doing what i do,they have got my back 100%.

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