Sunday, 23 October 2011

Karura Shoot preview 1 - The Journey

It had rained the night before and it was a long walk...mine are the blue legging ones

Before you shoot me and RSS a new blog, I have a valid reason for not having this up last week on Saturday when it was going down, the net was really acting up, ask everyone who came through, there were areas the phone was not getting reception, then my camera batteries died, I know seizures threatened, I actually was twitching on set and well the whole of the last week has been HELL!!! but I am alive woot woot and I am paying all my dues. If you have no idea what I am all about, Fashion to die for asked us to be part of a Wangari Maathai fashion tribute shoot.

I have to say I tried typing this from the forest with the waterfall right infront of me, there was an amazing breeze this was the time our guide Tito went to see if he can recall the way so we were five beautiful ladies all spread by the waterfall and we were LOST!!! We were behind them, then we double hitch hicked and boom we are all alone. My camera died so I couldn't take anymore pix, but here are some I was able to take when we got there…the journey, enjoy

Model Honaku (hope I got the name well)

.....we walked

....we hitch hiked, four of us at the back...not funny

Tito our guide who lost us...hmmm

...we discovered routes

model and me in the background

me and Honaku in the second hitch hike

...yep it was a pick up off to plant trees in commemoration of Wangari Maathai

you know about pick up rides...nasty

...we did trails

I was the leader...I wish

Can you see the river in the background? SERINITY!!!

People fell hahaha

...we were heavy laden

Amazing aint it? Hence no network
...will try get all the rest asap.

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