Thursday, 27 October 2011

Cow Nipple Dress - Any designer in KE who can top this? HOLLA

Rachel Friere's Cow Nipple Dress

Morning beautiful people,

Totally loving all the response to the call out for the inaugural Strathmore University Culture Fest #sufest, there is still SPACE for display...keep calling, keep sending emails. I am however sad that no one has reached out saying they want to dress the competitors, that is opportunity beyond.

As I mentioned last time, there are four categories; Evening, Official, Casual and Creative. The first three are kinda self explanatory, but the last is where my heart is at, Creative. A while ago at London Fashion Week Rachel Freire made the above pictured dress from Cow Nipples, yep Cow Nipples, here is a closer view.
3000 Cow Nipples went into this design...DIVINE aint it?
Melisa owner of Fashion by Achie Otigo did a collection that got heads sniping at the second Runway254 runway event. I am really looking forward to seeing some crazy ass designs.

If you are a designer, you got a month to put something together. All you need is one design, just one, not a collection...start sketching and stitching. If that's your thing or know someone who can make one out of this world design, hollla.

Have a Fancy Friday Funky Fam.


  1. Nope! Would never ever ever wear it! Nope!

  2. Just one question.... WHY??