Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Mock Poster for the event

I have to say I am truly humbled and honored beyond by the opportunities that are coming Runway254’s way. Everyone with a first, a second or a continuity wants to work with(this is where  and I pull a religious one and say all Glory and honor belong to He who began this good work in me and I know He will be faithful to complete it not just for me but for all the amazing designers and models under Runway254.)

I met with Sospeter a lovely lad from Strathmore who is also part of the organizing committee of the inaugural Strathmore Cultural Festival and Mr & Ms Strathmore yesterday after him trying to trace me and my hectic last week. So he briefed me on what they are working on and since the committee will be busy with the whole cultural week, they would like Runway254 to assist in the exhibition and on the Dday, Mr & Ms Strathmore.

As much as I have a list of designers I have worked with, I like opening doors to even more people to showcased their talent, network and meet potential clients. Maybe it is all the kind words from the models interviewed this week but it is truly humbling to that you set out to feed one family and a whole village benefits.
It is to this regard that I do an open call for designers, stockists, makeup artists, stylists. There will be NO need for models as the event is for the school and the winners/participants ought to be students at Strathmore and registered to take part through calls done in the school earlier.

The event will take place on Nov 26th at Bomas of Kenya and the following categories will be judged
  • -          Casual Smart
  • -          Office wear
  • -          Creative
  • -          Evening wear

There will be 14 models, 7 male and 7 female whose sizes will be available by the 10th of November. 

In Other News
1. Designers and stockists interested in making and/or providing clothes for the above listed categories should contact me on or call 0734071898

2. Make up artists and Stylists interested in dolling up and/or styling the competitors should send their portfolios to asap.

3. For everyone else who cannot get their footing in any of the above but has good and/ or services to promote, there will be an exhibition on Nov 25th from 9a which will go on until Nov 26th for the following amounts;
a)      3 sharing a tent for the two days  - Ksh 2,000
b)      2 sharing a tent for the two days – Ksh 2,750
c)       1 with own tent for the two days – Ksh 5,250
Tents will be issued on a first come, first serve basis and booking should be done via email to detailing the type of goods and/or services to exhibit and the option you opt for a),b) or c)

Pass word round and have a lovely afternoon.

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