Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I dig this photo, the earrings, the hair from the side..DIVINE!!!
Today something off happened, I was walking minding my own business as others minded my hair, but do I say, and this particular dude just wouldn't let me go...I will skip the deets to save face but yes I do have some very loose nuts for I found myself on top of Finance House, pray my mum doesn't read this blog, she warned me about some of this thing...see what we came up with (:

PS: I call this look pre la shower look because my hair is too big for a shower cap so I normally do a twist thing at the back and when styling I just push the front upwards and voila.

The sun was in my eyes

We called this the jail bird look (:
More jail bird

The front view...ok I wasn't ready for this one

I love the building across, someone teach me photography


  1. i actually like your hair.i would stop you on the street too. excuse my ignorance but is it dreadlocked?

  2. The hair is awesome. I wish my hair was that big. The jail bird photos are cool.The hair is awesome. I wish my hair was that big. The jail bird photos are cool.

  3. WHO NELLY!! I think I would also stop you on the street and just take a close look and maybe ask to touch it... :)

  4. I like it very looks better styled than let down,i see ul be late for alot of meetings!!

  5. thank you all...Carol it takes more time to get me out of the house

  6. You're hair is so beautiful! I have thick hair too but not like that, wow! and the earrings, Love!

  7. I surely cant get over your hair ......