Thursday, 1 September 2011

HELP!!! I am so Andrea Sachs right now;Miranda Priestly is doing rounds in my head

So power is out this morning in my area code,111, and I spent my morning on a book I had misplaced last year,Long way to Freedom, when I used to house pool, long story short, as I sat there, Miranda Priestly, yes, from The Devil wear Prada’s Miranda resounded in my head. I wasn’t reading that book but she was there telling me the same thing she told Andrea about her dislike for have to read the book or watch the movie.

When I first read the book I related to Andrea head to toe, I was her African sister in the flesh . If you read my edition two recap, I asked that we get down on our knees and pray for me to stomach the protocol on this side of life so Miranda's speaking to me was something I had coming.

Andrea taking notes

I remember this scene, Andrea taking notes and heading back to Emily, the senior assistant, who is watching her weight et al that comes with that to go for Paris Fashion week. I also remember sitting back and saying seriously she went on a diet just to go for a fashion week and she is not even a model, she is an assistant to the devil's affiliate, this girl almost pulled all her hair out when she got sick and chances were she couldn’t make it. But come to think of it, how many days have I woken up at crazy hours, gotten rained on and branded, all in the name of things I loved.

I take back my thoughts and humbly admit transition is one of the hardest things but if well embraced it can be one of the best. I am slowly accepting the fact that I am in a transition train and before I brush everything away, I want to give it all a chance, I still live by the making the world a better place principle and Runway254 is one of those places I am doing that. I am taking loads of notes and the world is my Miranda with all its expectations and anticipations.

Runway Magazine
Miranda with a Runway Magazine copy

Miranda, the lady in my head, is editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine and as she spoke to me the same words she spoke to Andrea, she told me I might think I care less about fashion but I do. Maybe I don’t show it in my dress and dieting is a foreign term in my area code but the spoon around my neck is a fashion statement and maybe with time just like Andrea, I will make the Emilys of this ‘world’ gasp for air. I still maintain my reservation on high heels, yes until I can walk in a pair, they still weapons of mass destruction. I have grand plans for the platform, and maybe like Miranda, I will be head of Runway Magazine, the 254 edition.

I also admit that somewhere at the back of my mind, I have been thinking of a fashion event happening this weekend and while I think about many events, I have been thinking of what to wear for the event. Normally I wake up and see what will hide my nudity, that’s dressing for me. For this one, I want to be a part of it, to go out there and say I am runway254 founder, brush shoulders, share a few laughs and having those thoughts is kinda scary but yep I am ready for this, off to plan my outfit. 

Andrea all grown up in the fashion world

Ok I need tips, what do people wear for these things?

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