Friday, 19 August 2011

Ka'an by Tawi Auditions - Lessons for casting crew

Auditions Poster
I spent the later part of my morning and the earlier part of my afternoon yesterday showing love and 'support' to designer Tawi, owner of Ka'an by Tawi as she and her team auditioned for their annual event by the same name. As I watched some of the girls who had done Runway254 edition one and two, I couldn't help but come up with a few pointers for  models and any one planning to do auditions.

To all who want to cast
You need to get a place where the models will walk for a while to see there posture and fierceness.There are a couple of venues around the city you can hire for the casting at a minimal rate. Make sure it is easily accesible so as not to spend valuable time giving directions.

2. Time
Having a morning and afternoon session with a tea/lunch break is the way to go. This works both for the models and the casting panel as models occupied at either time can still make it for the try out and the panelists get breathing and rejuvenation space before lot two stream in.

3. Panelists
I think a panel of people who have done fashion events before or know a thing or two about fashion coupled up with a few who don't give a rat's ass about it but can run their mouth when they see nasty should be part of your panel, if you can get one with both characteristics...home run babie. But the panel table should include you, the organizer as you will be the reference point for most things and if you have no idea, it reflects badly to your brand.An odd numbered panel table works best all the time and I think five is good enough if you are to exceed it.

4.Score Card
By the time you are thinking of casting models, you already have an idea however rough of what you want to go down.Create a score card with marks and a remarks section for each of the panelist.

5.Open Call
Use as many publicity venues as you possibly can to do the call and also depending on how many models you want. Online forms also help eliminate casting a lot of  no-talent models. Posters, other industry players, models you know of can be cheap and effective ways of getting models to come through for the auditions. Some people get designers before hand, get their specs and ask or look for specific models others do it the other way round, cast models and give their specs to the participating designers.

On the Casting Day
1. Keep time
Most models who attend open calls have something running on the side, they therefore need to shuffle one two three things around to make it for the auditions, indicating the auditions will start at 10a, means you and your crew will be there at 9.30 latest to set up and go through the score system and open the doors for the models at exactly 10a.

2. Documentation
You need to prepare a sign in sheet before hand with columns for the model's name, size and height. You should have someone assigned to take those measurements. Having a picture or video of the model when you ask about their experience in the modeling industry and also for the walk to help when doing reviews is very important. It also helps when you meet with participating designers as they get to know which models they will be working with, how they look and walk.

Runway254 is open to partner with anyone looking to cast models and send word to designers. Contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter

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