Friday, 19 August 2011

Ka'an by Tawi Auditions - Lessons for models

Girls gone maaad....having a swell time with the models after the show

The first post was dedicated to the casting crew, this one is for the models.

1. Know thyself
Once you get to see the open call, you need to program yourself. Know that not all calls are meant for you. I have seen models who look so good when they are still and when left and right start working, all love fades. Get to know your strength as a model, are you good on a runway or when you pose?

2. Read the small print too
Make sure you get all the info and requirements to take part in the auditions. I have heard models say I didn't know one too many times. When you read a blog or see a poster, make sure you absorb each and every detail on it once you have figured it is something you want to try out. If you can get to know what designers are showcasing and read reviews to know what they look for, will be good...yes modeling is more than just walking.

3. Carry your own tools
I cringe when a model starts walking about notice those shoes do not fit. I cringe when you say you did not come with your own pair but hope to get one that fits you, why did you come then? And if you wanted it so bad, borrow shoes out there not on my face....aaargh. You came for auditions not for a meet and greet, read the poster again. 

4. Attitude vs ATTITUDE
I believe the whole perfect body for models is a fallacy. Ok it helps reduce noise and brings more focus to the design or product being sold but with the right attitude, short models with a fierce look and stride can outshine tall perfect boobs, perfect hips. Attitude however should be a reserve for the runway, when it escalates to how you relate to the panelists and the measuring lady, you are out of the show.

5. Pass word round
Unless you are God, you cannot know of all calls and auditions and opportunities, so pass word round and let word come round to you. It does not hurt to say you are going for an audition and invite all models on your contact list.

6. Patience
Patience is a virtue we should all spot, if they say they will call...they will, if they don't well, tomorrow is another day.

Looking forward to hosting you all at the Spanking September edition of Runway254.Runway254 is open to having in house models to be contacted when opportunities arise. Contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter

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