Sunday, 7 August 2011

Edition two recap

One of Enzi's designs,she was among the celebrated,pic c/o Sally Maoso
When I began runway254, all I wanted to do is to give emerging designers a platform over and above themselves and their relatives wearing their pieces. I didn't think about the whole fashion industry protocol, if you know me, that is Greek to me but from the responses and 'open letters' i think i need to make FTV my fav channel and start buying magazines and attending other events that are not my own. The 'open letters' also gave me negative marks for PR and sitting arrangement ooh and the way I was dressed as the host, like seriously :@ ok the first two I will work on because I have faith in people who have passion for all they do and if having all those make it worthwhile for them, sign me up for some PR and sitting chart classes but the last one, lets get down on our knees.

Models doing a show it all, pic c/o Nick Klaus

Other lessons
I still dont get why models have to be size negative from my two shows worth of experience, I would say attitude is EVERYTHING, it all depends on how they rock the design, PERIOD!!!Slim, dark, light, dark, big bust et al is just semantics and on that note I know some of my girls did an amazing job and others well lets say others were others. Back stage drama also happened but hey what's life without a little of that to keep you on your toes.I did a survey sheet which is still valid for the next 4 and a half hours and I appreciate the responses. You all gave me marks on the venue and having a runway which you all boldly stated I need to pimp, point taken. I know music continuity was kinda off, dear designers kindly answer this one...lets not blame the DJ all the way.

Musician Avril at the event,pic c/o Nick Klaus
The designers were applauded from all corners...YAAY. I know a few of them got on the spot requests...yap yap, the whole aim of the platform was accomplished but I need to work on the extras that come with holding a fashion show like a red carpet, acquiring PR skills and a sitting chart...well I cant wait to see how the September edition will be.

Special thanks to all the models and designers, to Southern Media's creative director Ruth Kiplagat, Tressfreedom for the hair and everyone who came through.

PS: All male designers in the KE should come fill in the designer's form because there is DEMAND!!!

PSS: Catch some of the action on Photographer Nick Klaus album, my official photographers are yet to give me the event photos, they are pimping them or something,thats why I am working with other people's pix.


  1. sucks to have missed out.. waiting for the pics

  2. Don't be soo hard on yourself... I always say that fashion (which is a pretty competitive industry) is a journey- The key is GROWTH! Wishing you all the best in the next edition:-)!