Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sneak preview to the first Runway254

me and the designers

If you follow my blog you already know this is a borrowed, ok a copy pasted post but for fresh beginning I thought it best to put it here too. Skip the 3a, italics, part till the pix

"It is a few minutes past 3a and I am yet to sleep. I must admit I have the whole Tyra Banks thing happening ok  what I think happens when they say she works late checking photos and talking to girls through mail. I have been too too busy and it hit me I have three engagements tomorrow afternoon, dont ask. I just had use this time to share the pix from the first runway254 and do a follow up on the calls for models and designers for the second one."

Models Participation Form
The forms are still applicable for those who want to do it next time (:


More photos on the facebook page.like it while you are there
Join the convo on twitter follow and suggest to others
Email: runway254@sitawa.com

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