Friday, 29 July 2011

Designer of the day - Ka'an by Tawi

I cant get enough of this...purity

Ka'an by Tawi is a jewelry house that has dressed many including the current Tusker Project Fame all stars yap yap and yours truly(that is me). This is however not the first time Ka'an by Tawi will be displaying, the house has done FAFA, The African Fashion Fair and its own shows and they will be displaying body jewelry during the second Runway254 something I am looking forward to seeing. There enough items on her Facebook page, Ka'an by Tawi that you can oogle at. 
Amazing neck piece displayed at Afro Fashion

You can get a hold of this amazing designer at, like Facebook page and see her work on TPF  All Stars and you know you cannot afford to miss her body jewelry display, simply put Ksh 350  aside to come see her work at Runway254 plus meet her and make personal orders.

We are also on twitter @runway254 and Facebook and we would like to hear from you.  You can also email to partner or participate on

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