Friday, 22 July 2011

Designer of the Day - Iquira

I skipped a day of featuring so today I will do two designers and why not introduce our jewelry people. The first jewelry house is Iquira Accessories owned by Wangari Kariuki who had amazing amazing earring when I met her and today is my birthday line didnt work on her Wangari I want those earrings.

Back to biz, Iquira started off in Nov 2009 and they do the whole range, earrings, necklaces, bracelets using buttons, wire, wood, ceramics, glass beads and the list goes on. Wangari wants her house to be the go to place for all women who want to accessorize and I still want those earrings, today is also my birthday haha (;
Iquira will be displaying for the first time ever at Runway254 second edition woop woop, I am a proud mama and before then you can head on to the Iquira blog to see fantastic things.

Email her at and put aside Ksh 350  to come see her work at Runway254 plus meet her and make a personal order.

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Have a nice evening lovely souls,

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  1. I love her work too and i am looking forward to meeting you.