Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Designer of the Day - Bendiga

First and foremost accept my apologies for not doing designer of the day yesterday, mental health issues arose plus other issues and I discovered the day just does not have enough hours aaargh!!! Anyway I will treat you to two designers today yap yap. First;Bendiga.

The house is owned by Neema Mkarye(sounds like Mkare the song ok dont mind me), Neema has been a photo model and she did not like some of the things they asked her to wear so she went on ahead and started her own line, did I hear GIRL POWER!!! It is official if you cant beat them go off and start your own, who needs them anyway haha now do not go burning any bridges. Neema is also into doing good to the society and wants to use her line to empower unskilled women at least get some coins, and Runway254 is here to give them a platform to showcase so it is a win win win woop woop.

Head on to her blog Bendiga and see some of the pieces she showcased at the first runway254 which happens to have been her first time to show her work since her line began in February this year.

Doesnt she look divine?

You can get a hold of this divinity on, subscribe to her blog to know what new collections she has  or simply put Ksh 350  aside to come see her work at Runway254 plus meet her and make a personal order.

See you here in the afternoon for another exciting designer or simply subscribe to receive instant mail when I update the blog. We are also on twitter @runway254 and Facebook and we would like to hear from you.  You can also email to partner or participate on


  1. Yap,she is talented n cn strike a pose 2..nnnyyyycccc