Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy WineHouse,The Stylista

The yellow top, red polka dots earrings, i can go on and on

If you ask me to name any song by Amy Winehouse, you will lose me...I will get into a zone because I do not know any but I know her big hair, I know her out for all to see eyes, I know her tattoos and yep I know she is dead but her style is not at least not to me and today that is what I will write about, I am not ignoring that she had her issues, today is Sunday, get on your knees and thank God you are kinda on top of them then join me celebrate her style sense. 

Here are my fav, feel free to link all pix of her that made her tick. It takes different to understand different, digg?

Love the Monroe Piercing
love the rose on her head

my best, the beehive

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