Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Zawadi Nyong’o takes her love for things African to the Bay Area and is connecting Africans with her #Afrofunky event. We caught up with her as she prepares for the second event to be held this Saturday 7th
R254: What is Afrofunky?
Zawadi: We (Amina (@sheroxlox) and I) are Sisters Connecting Africa & the Diaspora through Fashion & Funk. In many ways we have been doing this for years without even realizing it.
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The Art of Making a Fashion Portfolio

Happy New Year Shakers…pray you are all bright and shiny this new year. Logged into my inbox and the number of people whose new year’s resolution is to be part of the Runway254 family is humbling but the wonna be portfolios that came through are crashing.
It is amazing and appetizing to read a paragraph or two about someone’s love of the fashion industry but a shot in the foot to be told to go to a facebook photo album to point out pictures.You need to assemble all this, external links are for ‘further reading’
A portfolio is more than a window to your work, it is a window to who you are, where you have been and where you want to go. How you assemble this speaks volumes

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wambui Mukenyi and the Urban Chic Collection

One reason we love the festive season is the number of sales going on. Through out the weekend, The 254 D word part 2 has been on, hope you are headed there is you haven’t been there, it ends today. Another sale has been on and we only got wind of it, Wambui Mukenyi’s Urban Chic Collection sale. We caught up with her to know what her collection is all about.

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Dresses…Dresses….and more dresses, yep it is the 254 D Word Part 2; Christmas Edition

If you read the feature we did on the amazing One FM News Anchor, Patricia Kihoro @MissKihoro, you must have seen her testimony of this event, she was at the 254 D Word Part 1( see a recap on Part 1) and loved every moment of it. Well due to success stories all through, the organisers decided to do one just before Christmas to give people an alternative shopping venue. I was there when they were opening up and caught these behind the scene and  the real scene (if that makes sense)shots and I opened the cash register by purchasing an amazing bag, it was love at first shot.

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Thursday, 15 December 2011

18 year old Julie Olum used #Runway254′s open call to launch and will take it with her to South Africa

When Runway254 did its first runway show, it did an open call for models, the then 17 year old Julie Olum; Julz used the open call as an opportunity to launch her modelling career, we caught up with her to see how things have been from that first event in June. (If you missed the event, here is a sneak peak.) 

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